Photograph of Devon Dixon the founder of this company

About the founder

Devon Dixon is the founder of Mr D healthy body healthy mind, he is a qualified gym instructor and mentor. He was born in Jamaica and came to England in 1988 at the age of seven. Unfortunately for Devon he didn’t have a great start to life in England and ended up in the care system. During that time he became involved in petty street crime and spent a short period in custody. He then began to realise this wasn’t the life he wanted to lead. He started applying for jobs working with young people, this was a struggle due to his criminal record but with perseverance he succeeded. However in the year of 2003 life took a turn for the worst. Devon was brutally stabbed seven times he nearly died and almost lost the use of his left leg which nearly had to be amputated.

He was told it was unlikely that he was going to walk again. During this time he became depressed and his self esteem was low as he couldn’t do any of the things he did before

It was a battle to restore the use of his left leg but Devon continued with his physio and his own fitness regime and defied the doctor’s prognosis. He started exercising and especially enjoyed running as it gave him a sense of freedom. Gradually his leg became better. He also entered lots of running competitions and raised money for various charities.

It was Devon’s own personal circumstance that inspired him to develop Mr D Healthy Body Healthy Mind and with the support of his directors Michelle Jervis and Rob Barclay he could amalgamate his two passions, supporting young people and personal well being.

Mr D Healthy Body Healthy Minds motto is “If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything”. We also believe the healthier you are the more positive outlook you have in life.

His Experience:

Devon has worked with many different organisations such as:

Millenium Powerhouse, a community venue which is frequented by young people where he supported the young people in their fitness regime when they used the gym, Devon was also the first port of call if ever there was a problem as he had a great rapport with the young people and was able to reason with them. To this day Devon still offers his services and is still a regular face there.

MAV (Mothers against violence) where he worked as an outreach worker in their community van engaging with young people on the streets. He also accompanied Patsy Mckie, the founder of MAV, to London to give presentations on his life story.

Working with Connexions on their NEET (not in employment or education) programme where he first delivered Mr D Healthy Body Healthy Mind, promoting self esteem and wellbeing to enable the young people to have a more positive outlook on life so they could re enter into employment or education.

He has delivered team building and fitness regimes to Venus netball club.

This year he has worked with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation which was supported by IGMU (integrated gang management unit) offering well being, fitness and team building sessions to hard to reach young men.

His most recent job role was working for three years, as an early intervention practitioner in schools with Manchester City Council on a project called 8 til late. In this role he mentored some of Manchester’s most vulnerable young people who were on the verge of being involved in gangs or who were already involved in some form of anti social behaviour. The role then moved over to Big Life Company as part of self help services where he delivered the same programme but was able to see more of the mental health aspect as this organisation focused a lot in this area with regards to counselling and health and well being.