Community Program

High intense training

Mr D Healthy Body Healthy Mind community program is a regular motivational circuit session. This is held at the Power house every Saturday at 12.30pm -2pm. This has been a highly successful session and in 2013 won a community award for its positive contribution to peoples’ health and well being and its continued service.

At the session you can expect to do running drills, light weights, floor exercises, aerobics, regular bleep tests and team work activities. New and innovative circuit sessions are thought of regularly to challenge fitness and confidence.

Every Saturday a motivational text message is sent out to all those who attend the sessions aiming to give them a positive start to their day. Circuit is not just about getting fit in body but also in mind.

The trainer is highly motivational with a positive and welcoming attitude, nothing is too much for him and everyone is welcome we have young people from aged 11 years old right up to 60 years of age and from many different areas of Manchester.

The circuit program also incorporates a yearly fathers group outing which helps to promote the relationships fathers have with their children. Last year they went to Head over heels and both the fathers and children commented on how much they enjoyed the day (please see testimonies) They also have a Christmas outing where everyone can go out and socialise with each other and celebrate the achievements they have made over the year in the circuit sessions.

Mr D Healthy Body Healthy Mind Circuit program has been involved in:

Health day at the Powerhouse. Working with Manchester Libraries and Soca aerobics.

Jamaica’s Independence Day, where we organised a family fun run.

Charity 5k run for MAV (Mothers against violence)

For further information please go to contact us.