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School Program

The schools programme developed from Devon’s three years working as a mentor within schools, for Manchester City Council on the 8 til late project (this was a project working with young people involved in gangs and anti social behaviour) and his 6 years working with young people and delivering community motivational circuit sessions.

The schools programme is for 12 weeks.

The first 6 weeks consists of:

Intense motivational circuit sessions, promoting self discipline and team building exercises.

Knowing Yourself workshops which involves discussions relating to issues affecting young people in society such as drugs, weapons, relationships and anger management.

Then for a further 6 weeks:

Weekly mentoring sessions

Mr D’s Healthy Body Healthy Mind aims to:

-- Enable young people to be confident and autonomous, active participants in their well being, so they can modify, manage and with continuing support present positive behaviours.

-- To enhance self esteem, communication skills, conflict resolution, consequential thinking, values and belief systems.

-- It will also install the practice of keeping healthy

An extract taken from Public Health England Aug 2013, comments on the difference that physical activities can make to young people, they say.“Physical activity is associated with improved concentration levels, more positive social behaviours, such as being kind to classmates and attempting to solve disputes”.

Mr D’s Healthy Body Healthy Body Healthy Mind knows that the points made above are achievable amongst our young people and our ultimate aim is to improve overall wellbeing through our holistic approach

Being healthy in mind and body will enable young people to make a more positive contribution to society which covers those areas of the ‘every child matters’ outcomes.

Mr D Healthy Body Healthy Mind was used successfully with the 8 til late project in many different schools such as Manchester Academy, St Peters High School, Trinity High School, St Marys Primary school and St Chrysostom’s to name a few.

For any more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss the programme further please go to the contact us page.

If you have a young person or a group of young people who you feel would benefit from Mr D's Healthy Body Healthy Mind, please fill out the referral form (for each individual) and send it to mrdhealthybodyhealthymind@gmail.com